To Brand Or Not To Brand

Executive summary

This report has been requested by the CEO of Pumpkin Patch to provide information and guidance regarding the ethical issues surrounding marketing and branding of the Pumpkin Patch products which are manufactured in China.

A critical analysis of the debate between No Brand activists and those who are pro-brand is required to provide understanding of the direction in which Pumpkin Patch should head. An understanding of both sides should be provided to ensure that Pumpkin Patch receive the most accurate information available to help in future decision making regarding the growth of their global brand.

Recommendations will be provided throughout the report in regards to:

  • Pros and cons of manufacturing in China.
  • Human rights of workers in international factories.
  • Perception of ethical value of Pumpkin Patch regarding the standards of workers’ conditions.
  • Condition of factories and workers.
  • Supporting the values of the company.


As well as recommendations there will also be acknowledgement of the successes within the branding of Pumpkin Patch to date.

At the conclusion of this report, the CEO and leadership team involved in the process of Pumpkin Patch’s development should have been provided with a critical analysis of the debate between those for and against branding, as well as clear and concise information regarding the benefits and negative points of branding and the most accurate way to market these products to provide a transparent service to the customers and clients of the brand. This information will help to develop the global brand of Pumpkin Patch in an ethical manner. Assignment 1-Sam Butler-BSNS 7454-2013


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