Bookit. The app to save the students


The following report outlines many factors of the brand strategy for the Bookit mobile
This report follows on from the customer based brand value analysis report. The
previous report researched a specific audience and their needs, in order to come up
with recommendations for the ensured success of the Bookit brand.
Covered in this brand strategy report is research behind the brand and audience –
customer insight, segmentation analysis, and the brands vision, objectives and
Following the background information is detailed descriptions about the brand.
Specifics are covered such as the essence of the brand, the positioning statement
and the traits/values of Bookit.
Once the report has identified this, a promotional plan is provided to show the ways
in which the brand will be marketed to the audience . Also covered is the concept
and creative, brand name strategy and implementation plan.
The financial details surrounding this brand complete the report, with financial
assessments, and profit and loss forecast.

Assignment 4 – Erin Sam Siobhan Josh – BSNS 7454 – 2013


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