A new brand on the block

Executive summary


This report has been purposely assigned by associate professor Robert Davis from Unitec New Zealand. The report will provide a complete analysis of the qualitative research project undertaken for the concept idea of Bookit. Theoretical ideas are used throughout to exemplify the reasoning behind the recommendations which have been made at the conclusion of this document.

This report is just to outline what has been discovered through research which has been conducted by the Bookit team. No final decision will be made from the conclusion of this report but advice and possible direction will be given to assist in further development of the Bookit brand if it is appropriate to continue with the research and development.Assignment 3 – Sam Butler – BSNS 7454 – 2013


1 thought on “A new brand on the block”

  1. Well done for finishing and completing your brand strategy portfolio for 2013 in BSNS 7454 Strategic Brand Management. Keep developing you craft, science and passion for brands. Develop this blog as your expression of that competency and feeling.
    Good luck.
    Robert Davis.

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