For this blog I have gone to one of my favorite business peoples websites 

This article acknowledges the increasing usefulness of social media and provides 6 tips to use it to your advantage. The article is focused on environmental start-ups and not for profits but can easily be translated to any kind of business.

The first tip is to “tell stories” “People respond to stories, not data. A great example of this is Breaking The Taboo, where Sundog Pictures turned the compelling research of the Global Commission on Drug Policy into a stunning story on film.” create a point of interest to draw people in.

The next tip is to “be creative” think outside of the box and experiment with many different forms of social media.

After this, “choose your right channel” some channels are better suited for certain types of content, for example, Facebook can be more personal that Twitter for example.

“Be truthful & work together”, these are key to success in any aspect of business or even life! Don’t pretend you’re something you’re not and make sure you work together with the people fighting the same cause!

Finally, the key to many of Virgin’s success’…. HAVE FUN! 

“Have fun, be yourself, and share it through your social media. Your community will respond to it. If you’re going through the motions at work, your boss will notice. If you do the same on social media, your community will be able to tell. Equally, if you are having fun, your followers will have more fun too.” 

If these are the tips that Virgin goes by, judging by their vast success I think I should follow these tips as well!

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