The article by Jeff Bullas titled “ 12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013” covers a range of examples of social media sites online presence but what is clear from the article is that Facebook is still the dominating force of the online world. It is dominating both personal and professional worlds.

Facebook’s active usage is still miles ahead of its nearest competitor for usage Google +. Although Google is catching up, it still has a long way to go before it can seriously worry the Facebook executives.

Facebook is dominating social media engagement as it has done for a number of years with Twitter being the closest rival. As well as this it has been found that uploading photos is the most popular activity on Facebook.

Businesses should be looking at these statistics and be wondering, if they are not holding a presence on Facebook then WHY NOT!? If a huge majority of the world’s population are spending time on this social media site then surely that suggests that it is a good place to be seen and recognized. Many businesses have already noticed the benefits of advertising on Facebook and having a social presence, the more presence you have, the more likely you are to be remembered or noticed.

As Facebook continues to dominate social media, the growth of business potential through the site will continue to grow which in turn, will no doubt continue to boost Facebook’s power and control over other social media sources.

Facebook has created a snow ball effect, with its potential continuously growing it is hard to argue with the fact that it is the dominating force of the online world.

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