The article I have chosen is called “Building a positive online reputation” by James Manktelow of The article explains the importance of your online reputation and shows some of the ways a reputation can benefit you or hinder you if you are unlucky.

The article is especially important to current employees as well as the youth of today who are heavily involved in the world of the internet. For what may have seemed like a joke with friends on facebook could be noticed by a possible future employer and could ruin your chances of being a part of that company or organization.

From the business point of view, searching through employees and future employees online reputation can help greatly to minimise embarrassment to the company if something was brought to light such as when “CEO of a global company posted online images of his elephant-hunting trip in Africa. The images were graphic, and upset thousands of the company’s clients when they were circulated online. The company lost clients as a result, and the CEO’s reputation was tarnished.”  By filtering or searching social media history of employees a company can promote a positive image of ethical and acceptable behaviour by their staff and market themselves as a responsible organization.

It is important in this internet based world that companies have some sort of online presence and many companies promote employee use of social media. But this raises the question of when does personal life cross into work life and how can people keep these two separate without being punished for what they did in their own personal time?

I think that it’s important to understand that when you work for someone else, your behaviour doesn’t just affect you it affects everyone involved with that company or organisation. So, if you are wanting to further yourself in a career which involves many other people then maybe you should think twice about the pictures you are posting from the last boys weekend…

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